Claudio Ceresani

Digital Global Sales and Marketing General Manager
GioriDigital, South Africa

Claudio Ceresani is the Founder and CEO of DGT Solutions.

With over 20 years’ of extensive management and business experience in payment systems and financial markets. Claudio has developed deep experience in working with Central Institutions and has the last 6 years been the CEO of Perago enabling them to achieve the award for the best Central Banking Payments and Market Infrastructure provider of 2018. 

Claudio started his career in 1993 in SIA and has since then developed a strong multi-disciplinary skills set recognised internationally by the major players in the payment system and market infrastructure domain. 

Furthermore Claudio has deep routed knowledge in IT, cyber security, innovative services and technologies related to payment systems and financial market product and services.

Claudio founded DGT Solutions with the aim to enable Central Institutions to accomplish complex transformation initiatives through the application of business innovation and specialist knowledge.