Carl Wocke

Managing Director and Founder
Merlynn Intelligence Technologies, South Africa

Carl Wocke is one of the leading experts in the world on Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Carl is also working with Dr. Alan Barnard, CEO of Goldratt Research Labs on a number of projects where Theory of Constraints is being applied in conjunction with AI and Predictive Analytics.

Carl has developed a methodology to model subject or domain expertise in a machine readable format. This methodology effectively facilitates the transmission of subjective knowledge into a logical, transparent framework. The process starts with the creation of a domain specific environment (simulator) with which the expert interacts. The interaction is iterative in nature and is designed to decompile the interrelationships between the considered variables (input variables) that are used by the domain expert in a decisioning process.

The outcome of the process is the ability for computer software to exhibit subjectivity at rule level. This effectively means that we are able to generate software that reacts in the same way as a particular individual, imparting value to a process as if the individual were an active participant.
Currently is the founder and Managing Director of Merlynn Intelligence Technologies – a company on the forefront of human to machine knowledge transmission using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. He is considered as one of the pioneers in building technologies that enable human based reasoning within machine environments.